Miran Rin lives in Yachiyo City. Oil painter.

Her paintings feature its bright and luster colors.

In recent years, she set the theme of “about the beauty of women”, in which she is searching how to change more subjective perspective from “a woman who is drown” to “a woman who is drawing.”  

She has drawn and exhibited the beauty of women who are independent, their beauty in sexual self-identification, and the drag queen.

In addition, with her motto "art in everyday life", she has been trying to exhibit her works in a space close to everyday life, not in a well-equipped gallery.

She is also the leader artist of the art team “Social Art Creators.”

Since holding their first solo exhibition at Ginza “O Gallery” in 2007, they have exhibited many times in Japan and abroad.

Solo show

  • 2019 cafe SOReKaRa,Tokyo,Japan 
  • 2018 Kohl art gallery,New Delhi,India
  • 2017 Yachiyo city public gallery,Chiba,Japan
  • 2011 Gallery Art Etene,New Delhi,India
  • 2007,2009,2010 Ogallery,Tokyo,Japan

Group show

  • 2019 Matsuzakaya Department Ueno,Tokyo,Japan
  • 2017 Arts Chiyoda 3331,Tokyo,Japan
  • 2015 Look OutGallery,Vancouver,Canada

Selection,Award,Art Fair 

  • 2019 Musashino city exhibition,Tokyo
  • 2017 Musashino city exhibition "Musashino Art Brut" award,Tokyo
  • 2016 Seoul Open Art Fair,Seoul,Korea
  • 2015 Daegu Art Fair,Daegu,Korea
  • 2013 Rookie Grand Prize by Association of Asia